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Young Heath Champions

What is the Young Health Champions Programme?

The Young Health Champions programme is a guided-learning programme which leads to a qualification; Royal Society of Public Health Level 2 Award for Young Health Champions. This qualification will enable learners to provide peer support through an understanding of the individual and social drivers of healthy and unhealthy behaviours as well as signpost local health services. It will also provide knowledge of a health and wellbeing issue relevant to the learner and develop skills to deliver positive health messages.

What does the Programme achieve?

The Young Health Champions programme gives young people across the country the skills to take control of their health and wellbeing. The programme explores what the most prevalent risks to the health of young people are including substance abuse, social media and smoking and how to address these risks to make healthy lifestyle choices.

The programme also helps to improve the overall mental and physical health of Young Health Champions and empowers them to encourage others to adopt similar healthy behaviours. Young Health Champions also learn about health services in their local area and how to signpost others to these. The course culminates in developing a health promotion campaign and delivering it to peers.

The outcomes and feedback from our Young Health Champion alumni have been overwhelmingly positive. A survey of Young Health Champions revealed:

  • 90% experienced an increase in confidence
  • 90% changed their health behaviours including quitting smoking and taking more exercise
  • 95% were now aware of their local health service and knew how to signpost others to them

As well as helping to improve the health and wellbeing of young people across the country, the Young Health Champions programme aims to educate and inspire the next generation of public health professionals.

It also gives an insight into an exciting range of public health careers, ranging from Medicine to Health Promotion. The qualification uses workplace scenarios, which help young people transition more easily from education to employment and gain skills and experiences they can add to their CV.

The programme also aims to increase young people's confidence, by empowering them with knowledge about their community, support groups and where to access health advice. The programme's students also work on skills to deliver presentations, mentor their peers and develop a health promotion campaign that they’re passionate about.

For futher information on the Young Health Champions please contact Rosie Coombes email: