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Education, Health and Care Plans

Education, Health and Care Plans

EHC Plans bring together all the support needed to help children and young people aged 0-25 improve their outcomes across education, health and care.  The plans also have a particular focus on developing life skills for adulthood to enable the young person to work and live as independently as possible.

When your child has an EHCP, or is being assessed for one, it can feel quite complicated and confusing. We have created the SEND Guidance booklet to help you understand what happens and when. The intention is to provide detailed, accurate and consistent information for families and professionals.

If you would like more detail on specific processes within the SEND Team, we have created a SEND Team processes guidance booklet, which provides a more in depth overview.  Read the SEND Team processes guidance booklet (pdf - Sept 2020)

Golden Booklet

SEND Guidance Golden Booklet (PDF)

Each EHC Plan will look different as they are tailored to the individual needs of the child/young person. The Plans are developed in full partnership with the child, young person and their family.

It will take up to 20 weeks to put an EHC Plan in place for a child or young person if they need one. The EHC Plan is then reviewed at least every year with the family and the current educational setting.

Families with an EHC Plan also have the option of having a personal budget to buy relevant services within their Plan if they wish. This enables families to have more flexibility and control over the services they receive.

EHC plans continue until a young person goes to university, is in permanent employment, tells us they no longer want it, or if following a review, the Local Authority agrees that the young person has achieved the educational goals in the plan and no longer needs additional special educational help.